The Slumpty Dance…Here’s Your Chance to Kick That Slump…

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Slumps…everyone has them…work slumps, cleaning slumps, (insert noun here) slumps.  

The silver lining of a slump is the rediscovery of your awesome unstoppable-ness and the icing-on-the-cake knowledge that you’re now an even badder badass

because you just made your slump go into a slump and came out on top…You beat your slump!

Some slumps last a few days or a week.  Some slumps are especially stubborn…I’ve been battling (or I should say accepting) mine since mid July.  

I attempted to beat my slump with the nutrition challenge in September…but my slump kicked that to the curb in the first week.  

My 1-rep maxes in every lift dropped anywhere from 10-40 pounds…normally, I would have been more upset, but even my CrossFit fire as an athlete was in a slump, so besides the usual “Why is this happening?”

I just shrugged it off.  

But, when your slump slumps on over to another area of your life (let’s say the old jobbie job…you know…just for an example…) CrossFit fire rekindles just when you need it.  

You have now overcome your slump just when you need your CrossFit the most.  

The point is, slumps are normal…

You can’t keep a fire burning without it dimming with only a few glows left on a log…

You have to poke it to get it going again and throw some more logs on (I’m not ashamed to admit I already lit a fire on the first 50-degree night of the fall).  

It is impossible to go hard every day of your life and experience awesome skyrocketing PRs…

You’ve gotta let the slump happen and then throw some more round rubber logs on that metal bar of fire. 

Don’t be afraid of the slump…don’t be ashamed of it.  Acknowledge it, accept it, and then relight that CrossFit fire.


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