The Dreaded Slump

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“When you are in a Slump, you’re not in for much fun.  Un-slumping yourself is not easily done.” – Dr. Suess

Well, it’s here.  My slump. My slump. My lovely lady slump.  I’m sure Fergie won’t mind me bastardizing her infamous words to celebrate my funk.

Here’s the thing.  Two weeks ago I felt like I was kicking ass and taking names.  I rocked a workout with a time-cap, making it in under the time, even though I was convinced that it was my turn to write a big ol’ ‘DNF’ on the whiteboard.  The run felt easy.  My eating was on track.  I was feeling like a super star.

And then…it happened.

I can tell you EXACTLY when it happened.  That’s how bad it is.  I ran the Spartan Super with my awesome teammates and when I got back on Monday, I was in it.  The race was difficult, it took all I had mentally and physically, and when it was time to come back to The Box, I had no ‘oomph.’  All the WODs looked impossible.  I felt terrible.  I just wanted to crawl in bed and stay there.

So, I gave myself time.  Took it easy.  Figured I needed a week to get back on my feet.  Worked out with light weights just to get moving, but didn’t push.

It started working.  I could feel myself moving toward the light and out of the darkness.

Then, my kid brought home the plague…or Ebola… or whatever this bug is that I have.  See, I’m a good mom.  I’ve taught the girl how to share.  I guess I should have told her we don’t need to share germs, but what can you do when a sick kiddo comes to you, crawls in your lap and puts her face right in front of yours (breathing out of her mouth because she can’t breathe through her nose) and says “I just need to snuggle.”

And the lightness that I was sensing grew dimmer.

The point, because I have one, is that we all are going to go through slumps.  And while we hope that we can keep it out of The Box, that is where we are going to feel it the most.  Weights we lift, runs we go on, pull-ups we do, respond to what we have to put in it.  When we are in a rut, slump, or bad place, it reflects in our workouts.  And that isn’t a bad thing, but it can make ‘un-slumping’ more difficult because the one thing we want to see is a success, no matter how small.

Then, what do we do?  You’ve all heard Dave and the other coaches tell you to ‘dig deep.’  Most of the time, when we hear “dig deep,” we are almost done with a tough workout and need to squeeze out a few more thrusters or other difficult move.  The crazy thing is that advice is exactly what we need to tell ourselves when we are slumping.

Dig Deep.

Those two little words mean so much.  When we stop moving, we stop progressing.  Digging deep while in a slump, allows us to progress towards our goals.

So, for the next few days, or maybe a week, you may not see me at my best.  I’ll be digging deep – working towards feeling like I felt pre-Spartan.  Maybe you are digging deep, too.

That being said, know that you will un-slump.  So will I.  It might take some time.  The good thing about the dreaded slump, though, is once you are out of it; you’ll never have felt so good.

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