Slow down, You Move Too Fast

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The New Year is just around the corner.

I’m not sure where 2014 went, really. For me, at least, time keeps going by quicker and quicker.

It could be that we are conditioned to live season to season….Christmas stuff will be packed up at the big box stores, and Valentines will be everywhere. This, of course, will be immediately followed by St. Patrick’s Day, Summer, 4th of July, Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, once again.

We don’t measure our time by planting and harvesting, so I guess this is what we’ve got.

But slowing down and taking time to reflect, plan, and enjoy the days are more important now than ever. Be in the moment.

I think that is one of my favorite parts about CrossFit. When I’m in the middle of a workout, I can’t think about anything other than what I am doing right then….not all of the things I have to do at home, who has to be where and when, am I being a good mom and wife, have I called my folks to check in…it’s just me and a barbell, med ball, or whatever else we happen to be doing. I am more aware of my breathing, movements, and self in general.

And, even better, I am technology free for an hour – minus the clock, of course, and whatever cool jams are playing on the stereo.

Let’s face it, we are inundated with stuff – people trolling for sympathy on Facebook, someone trying to lure me into whatever they are angry about in a post, things I must buy on tv.

Technology and time are our two worst enemies. We are constantly trying to either speed time up or slow it down, depending on what we are doing. And even though we use technology to connect with people, often times it is at the expense of the people we are physically around.

At the gym, we talk to each other, and not via a device of some sort. We high-5, fist bump, or dare I say, hug it out. Yes…hug it out. When is the last time your phone hugged you? Told you how awesome you were?

So, while CrossFit takes an hour out of my day, it is an hour that is good for my soul.

If I want to be good at being a mom and wife, my job, and all the other aspects of my life, I have to CrossFit. It isn’t always about getting fit, running faster, lifting more. Many times it is about slowing down, being present, and being aware.

I have an idea. A social experiment, if you will. When we are in the lounge, let’s chat it up; not just me and you, or even you and the people you always talk to. Talk to a new person, or an athlete that you haven’t acquainted yourself with. Make a human connection. Be in the moment. Not only will it do wonders for that person, but it will do wonders for you, too. And for those around you. (Did you know when someone sees you participating in a positive interaction that it gives your brain a positive hormonal response?)

Best wishes for a happy, healthy 2015. I hope it is one you can slow down and enjoy.

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