Need an excuse to buy new shoes?

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Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

The question is then, what are the right pair of shoes?

We’ve heard people say use the right tools for the job at hand. In this case, your shoes serve as a tool to help you be successful at the Box.

Here at CrossFit Lakás, I can tell you what AREN’T the right kind of shoes. They don’t have huge, spongy soles made for running or mall-walking.

“But they’re comfortable,” you say.

“I just bought them for CrossFit,” you say.

“My feet have special needs!,” you say.

The problem is this: those kicks aren’t stable. When you do your lifts, your feet do not have a strong platform to stabilize yourself. You must sink into the cushy-soles before your feet hit solid ground. Also, without a flat, wide base, you are also in danger of rolling an ankle and injuring yourself in a way that you won’t be able to CrossFit for a while. Also, the flatter shoes have less tread that won’t catch on the side of a box or get stuck on a band.

Need proof?  Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrJfOi5rnlU

We’ve been asked, “What shoe do you recommend?” The truth is, CrossFit Nanos and Inov-8s are great shoes. You will also see some people with New Balance or other minimal-soled shoes.

And no, I’m not getting money from companies telling you this.

I’ve had Inov-8s and now Nanos and I loved both shoes.

We are not long distance runners. You can run a mile in minimal soled shoes and be just fine to come back inside and then lift.

So, consider the shoes you are wearing. Are they letting YOU conquer your CrossFit world?
Are they the right tool for what you are trying to accomplish? Are you at a disadvantage because of what is on your feet?

This is a quick fix, all. Watch the sales. You can pick up a new pair for less than the ones you are currently wearing.

Best of all, once you change up your footwear, you will change your CrossFit game.

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