This Year, Make Your Resolutions and Stick to ‘Em!

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With the big 1-5 lurking around the corner, your brain might be storming ideas on what that new you is going to do with the fresh start a brand new year rings in.  If CrossFit takes as much space in your brain as it does in mine, you might even be thinking of some new resolutions to support your CrossFit performance…and you may also be nailing down some new goals for the box.

Goals…goals are great…they help us do things we wrote off until after pigs started flying.  You can never have too many of them, can you?  Or, maybe you can.  Let’s start with that.

Sure, you may have many aspects in need of a jumpstart.  Begin by making a list of all of the new accomplishments you want to achieve.  Then, prioritize them from most important to kinda nice to do.  The new year spans more than just January…you can set and achieve plenty of goals in 2015 by knocking off one goal at a time.

Then, choose one specific goal to accomplish first…nutrition, a more consistent workout schedule, visiting your favorite box in the morning so you don’t skip out later when too many TPS reports in the office have worn your motivation down.  If you have one solid goal, your steps to reach it are less complicated, as well as easier to see and track.  Think back to the pre-GPS days and try hard to get a mental picture of an atlas. Without highlighting one route, it looks like a mess of lines.  Same with goals…having too many, you risk getting lost in a bunch of different paths to reach multiple goals and losing motivation. Have one goal and one solid plan outlining smaller steps to get there.

Speaking of steps towards reaching a goal…how about knowing where you are currently and the potential blocks on the path to reaching your new goal.  There’s this handy site called Beyondthewhiteboard.com…perhaps you’ve logged a workout or two on there.  Maybe you’re one of those super expert bloggers who notes your daily water intake and weight along with each thought and feeling you had during that Deadlift 1RM.  If your new year’s goal is to progress on a movement, a girl or hero, a number, etc., then tracking your progress is a huge and effective step that will help you.  Not only will you know that you need to go up in weight the next time Diane comes around, but you will also see the progress and PRs you’ve made along the way, and your motivation will still be strong long after the initial 2015 excitement dwindles.

Logging won’t do any good, though, if you don’t review the results before each class.  When you see Back Squats on the schedule, actively checking your numbers and any thoughts/hang-ups/achievements you experienced the last few times will help you choose the right weights and avoid the previous pitfalls that happened last time.  Numbers were too light last time and you didn’t feel challenged?  You’ll increase your weight in the training WODs and move towards a new PR.  Your coach was obsessed with your chest dropping last time?  You’ll make a conscious effort to keep that bad boy up this go-around and your form will improve.   Icing on the cake—the class will run like clockwork and finish early enough for mobility time (Yay!) because trips to the lounge to get the after-thought numbers or spending valuable foam rolling time to concoct a probable number  will diminish.  All that extra mobility time is like money in the good form and PR number piggy bank…leading you to achieve even more goals.

So, let’s ring in 2015 with our biggest and best inner athlete yet!  Here’s to a new year full of new accomplishments, and a new, happier, healthier, more kick-ass YOU!  Cheers!

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