Jackie Jameson

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Name:  Jackie Jameson

Hometown:  Mechanicsville, MD

Occupation:  Dental Hygienist for 15 years

How long have you been a tribe member of CrossFit Lakás?  I joined WBBC Troop 005 in May 2014 and decided that this was just the beginning of a new fitness journey.  I started Crossfit in August 2014 and have found a new passion in life☺

What made you decide to do CrossFit?  The last few years of my life had been a struggle because my father had become ill and was in/out of the hospital.  On top of that, I was struggling in a very stressful and negative job environment.  I had started to have HBP and become depressed.  My diet and lack of physical activity was getting out of control.  So, I decided it was time to turn things around and start taking care of myself again.  I had never been a member of a gym or fitness program.  But, I was determined to do this!!!

What do you love about CrossFit?  I love the support and encouragement of others!!  The Box is that one place I know I can go that will always have a positive environment and a place that I can always challenge my mind and body!

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CrossFit?  My posture is slowly improving, I have more energy than I have ever had before in my life, and, most of all, my mind is a lot stronger!  I feel so much more confident in myself and the choices I make in life!

Do you follow a special nutrition/supplement regimen?  I will be the first to admit I have a major sweet tooth!  BUT, I have learned a lot about “healthy/clean” eating.  I did very well with the Nutrition challenge in the fall with the Paleo diet and I do try to stick with that most of the time.  I hardly ever have any fast food/fried foods and am always looking for the healthier options…

What is your favorite / least favorite WOD?   My favorite WODs are chippers!  I also love WODS that include the barbells, runs and 3 parts.  My least favorite WOD is “Karen” or any WODs with multiple amounts of wall balls.

What are your current goals at the Sweatshop?  To continue to challenge myself, get stronger and improve all of my 1RMs.  I also hope to do an unassisted pull-up someday!

Do you have any advice to someone new at CrossFit Lakás?  Stay strong, NEVER SAY NEVER! Always strive to become a better YOU!  Trust me, if I can do it anyone can☺  Good Luck!

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