Become Your Biggest BAMF

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We all love CrossFit for millions of reasons, one large reason being self discovery.  CrossFit is as much mentally challenging as physically challenging.  The clock starts running and then it’s too late to turn back, there’s no way out…it’s just you and the kettle bell and it’s never ending…300 kettle bell swings…I’ll just break them up into a set of ten, a couple sets of five, and maybe a few here and there.  A ten second break here, another break until I muster up enough strength there…

Every time you face a piece of equipment, you have a decision to make (read: mental battle to face).  Your body will hurt.  Your arms will be tired and your grip will start to fail.  It’s more comfortable to put the kettle bell/barbell/medicine ball down and take a break.  A fifteen second break feels more relaxing than a 3-4 second break.

Sure, everyone’s pain tolerance varies person-to-person.  But, CrossFit also gives you the opportunity to discover new limits and reach new heights each time you step into the box…it’s easy to fall into a comfort zone or try to avoid the pain within a grueling workout.

Next time you face down the red digits and hear the count down, challenge yourself.  Resolve to push yourself past your comfort zone a little more than usual…you’ll be amazed at what you discover.

Next time your brain says, “Put down the kettle bell/barbell/medicine ball,” instead of using that as your signal to put down the kettle bell, say, “Fuck you, brain…I’m tougher than that” and do 3 or 4 more reps.  Or, simply push past the number you just conquered and get to the next round number as bonus.  If you set a goal to do ten in a row, before stopping and breaking, think to yourself, “I’ve already done ten, what’s five more” and bust out fifteen.  Then, think, “may as well do twenty.”

Along the same barrier-breaking wavelength, see what happens when you set a time limit for your breaks.  Instead of giving yourself a generous amount of medicine ball stare-down time, count out five Mississippis and, no matter what, touch and pick up that ball.  It will suck after a ten second break just as much as it would have after five seconds, but the difference is that clock will stop for you sooner and the butt kicking will be over faster.  You’ll be doing yourself a favor.

And the thing is, you can.  You’re much tougher than you think…your limits are higher than you give yourself credit for in that moment.

When you push further outside of your comfort zone, you’ll be surprised that the world will not stop and you will not die.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Your body will not shut down.  You will not pass out.  You will not bleed to death.  You probably won’t even rack up a tally on the puke bucket.  You will just be that much more tough mentally and physically.  You will start to feel like an even bigger BAMF.

Of course, getting in here and doing what you are willing to do is great.  But, imagine how much stronger, faster, and mentally bullet proof you will be when you stretch what your brain thinks is your limit, push past it, and do more than you ever thought possible?  Your progress can be set on fire and you will become what you didn’t think you could be…think about it.  Then, do it.

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