Sanket’s Story

Sanket is one of our Founding Members who joined us while we were still operating out of our 2-car garage.  Below is an excerpt of an e-mail he sent to us nearing his one year anniversary:


“I will admit I was highly skeptical when I first called you and you explained the gym was basically out of your garage. I read about CrossFit and was definently interested but I didn’t expect it to change my life in so many ways. After our first few introductory workouts I still had some doubt but realized I needed somebody to kick my ass and I developed faith in you that you were a good ass-kicker. 
Not only am I more fit than I was a year ago but CrossFit has completely game changed how I see living a healthy lifestyle. 
You see I was never good at Phys Ed in middle school or high school. I lacked strength and endurance to barely make a foot of rope climbing. My 12 min/miles were shameful but at the time I didn’t know nor didn’t really care. I only cared about beating Duke Nukem or whatever PC game was hot at the time. In college I tried to get a little better at working out but it was the 3-4 months on and rest of the year off routine. Resulting in never making any significant gains. By the time I graduated and reached my mid 20s I was struggling to make decent time in 5k’s and struggling even more in doing deadlifts or squats. I still couldn’t bench 145 pds. Although the marathon training I endured before trying CrossFit helped me establish good cardio. I lost a lot of strength in the process of training. I wanted to establish muscle and strength again but knew I wasn’t going to push myself enough had i just  gone to the weight room in the Rec center. 
Then came adult Phys Ed (CrossFit). I heard about it through some friends from my former company I worked at. I was viewing picture of a a former co-worker who was scrawny when I knew him 5 years ago but now lifting 145 pds over his head with no problems. I asked him how he got so strong so quickly and used the term CrossFit. I googled and rest is history. 
Learning about olympic lifting and concept of combing endurance with strength to achieve something engineers can relate to POWER. Being able to now perform 10-15 pullups, handstands against a wall, JUMP ROPE!!. There’s a laundry list of things I couldn’t do a year ago but now can, I can’t wait to see what I achieve this year. It’s not just about the exercise though, the healthy eating (PALEO), the stretching, the logging of the workouts. It’s all stuff that I would have never encountered or push myself to do had I not tried Crossfit. Just this past week i bought a foam roller and abmat. Why? Because I’m tried of being sore when I show up and it impacting my performance. Hell I did the 115 days burpee challenge. Why? because it’s  the concept of constantly pushing yourself to overcome challenges. Just a quick note about today’s workout. I wanted to stop and quit so much today. I kept continuing through because as much as I didn’t want to let myself down for quitting, I didn’t want to let you down. 
But there’s a another special ingredient in the secret sauce and here in lies the difference between CrossFit…. and CrossFit Lakas. It’s you and Chan and establish our small but friendly CrossFit family. You guys provided the opportunity to fill in a significant void in my life which was establishing friendships. For the first year that I spent in Pax River I had no friends because I traveled so frequently and rarely had the opportunity to hang out with anyone. The box has provided the opportunity to meet people and establish friendly bonds with people, especially you guys. I like to believe the small garage provided the outlet that I was looking for and your home provided the opportunity to develop friendships.   
Here’s where the sappy stuff really gets laid on. I actually have a list of inspiring people that I keep. My oldest uncle that first came to America and brought all his brothers and sisters over and supported them for a few months when they would arrive. My graduate school advisor for juggling responses to his students at 3-4AM in the morning but also still maintaining enough energy to interact with his kids in the morning. My parents for giving up good teaching careers in India for blue collar jobs here in America just so I had a better opportunities. 
I recently added you guys on the list. Not just for introducting me to CrossFit and the coaching, but because I am truly amazed with how you and Chan keep it altogether. Raising 5 kids, home schooling, running a gym out of your home, running a zoo in the house. All while keeping a smile on the face.  I don’t know too many people that would be able to handle all that, successfully.
Truly you and Chan are remarkable people and I never knew a guy working out of his garage could reveal so much more in life lessons than how to perform a good deadlift.”