Christy’s Story

November 2012

Hello! So, where to start, Hi!  I am Christy and this is my first blog EVER. 🙂   I guess I will start by introducing myself.  I am 30 years old and live in Southern Maryland.  I work as a civil engineer for the local water and sewer agency. I graduated from UMCP in 2005, GO TERPS!  I am recently engaged and am planning our wedding for May of next year (I attached a photo of us at the Fair this year).  I am writing this blog to track my weight loss and fitness level before our wedding and note my progress.  I am also hoping that this will help me keep on track.
I recently started Crossfit with my good friend and maid of honor, Heather, at the end of August and am really enjoying it (the attached photo is from our first class).


After 15 weeks I feel great, I have greatly increased my endurance, and have been able to run just under 3 miles without stopping, which I have never done before.  On the down side is I have also gained 3 lbs.  This can be attributed to muscle gain, and water retention in my muscles, that for the most part I am using for the first time.  For me this has been frustrating.  Yes, I joined to be healthier, which I feel I am, but I also thought that with this increased physical activity that the weight would start to drop. With the upcoming nuptials I want/need to shed a few lbs., and by a few I mean I would LOVE to lose about 20-30 pounds or about 2 dress sizes, before the wedding.  This is doable but it will be a tough road.  I have always struggled with my weight.  A few years ago I started Weight Watchers and was pretty successful and lost just over 40 lbs., which was awesome, unfortunately I didn’t change my lifestyle completely and gained back 20 lbs.   I have also recently found it very difficult to get the scale to budge. Wedding dress shopping is next on our list on wedding planning events and I am not looking forward to it.  We were talking about it at Crossfit one day and I said that I hated dresses and that I wasn’t looking forward to wearing one.  Dave, our coach, asked if I didn’t like them because they didn’t fit the way I wanted them to, and I told him it was because I was a tom-boy growing up and never got into dresses, which was true, but I think there was also some truth to his comment.  I am sure that if I thought I looked great in a dress that I would be more inclined to wear them more often. After talking with Dave, he explained that weight loss is about 70% diet.  Since starting Crossfit I had not changed my diet.  I was eating crap, going out and drinking too much.  So first off we were told to try and not eat any bread or pasta for 2 weeks.  This worked out great I lost 2 lbs. in those 2 weeks.  I am now on my 3rd week, which sucks because this is Thanksgiving week and we all know what that means, tons of bread and bread related foods.  This is going to be tough; I already cheated a bit and had a sandwich.  Come on, it is Thanksgiving and I volunteered at our church to make stuffed ham sandwiches for the annual Christmas Bazaar and I was week and caved.  It was so freaking good! Ha-ha. So, yeah, dress shopping, and not just normal dress shopping but wedding dress shopping.  The most important dress in a girl’s life, which I think is stupid to say, but I do feel the pressure to look and feel great in my wedding dress. I have a goal in my mind to try and lose 10 lbs. before we have to hit the dress racks which is in about 6 weeks, or right after Christmas.  You read that right; I AM going, to lose 10 lbs. during the worst stretch of eating known to man, the Thanksgiving/ Christmas season.  If I can get through that month and a half I can get through anything. I am writing this blog for 2 reasons, 1 to keep me on track, stay focused on my goals, and keep me accountable, and 2 to share my weight loss journey with others and hopefully help other realize that it is not impossible.  I am both excited and scared to get started.  Today is my 1st day of real, wedding slim down, and eating right diet (I hate to say diet because I am trying to change my lifestyle forever, not just for the wedding). Ok, that is it for now, I will check back in soon!

January 2013

Hello again!  Happy New Year! Holy crud, where did 2012 go? Well, it has been almost 2 months since my last post and I thought it was time for an update.  Last I left you I was attempting to lose 10 lbs. before we went wedding dress shopping which was a 6 week period.  I wasn’t able to lose 10 lbs. but I did lose 6.  As of today I am down 8 lbs.  Considering that was through Christmas and New Years I think I did pretty well.  I also have learned that I need to set goals that are more realistic.  To think I could lose 10lb in 6 week through the holidays may have been overreaching. So how did I go about losing those 6 lbs. you may ask?  In those 6 weeks Glenn and I also started the Paleo diet which basically removed grains, dairy, legumes and sugar from our diet.  Dave and Chan went over the diet plan and helped us find some good books that would help us in getting started.  We are now eating high quality foods that are not processed and full of stuff I can’t pronounce.  I feel great!  The first few weeks were a little rough.   I believe I went through withdraw from the bad carbs; I had a bit of a headache and absolutely no energy.  After that 2nd or 3rd week I began to feel better and now I feel better than I have in a long time.  I also began to lose weight almost immediately.  My fiancé Glenn is also on the Paleo diet with me and he has lost almost 9 lbs. so far. Now that we have been eating Paleo for over a month it really has gotten pretty easy.  We make our lunches for the week on Sundays and plan our meals.  We even have gone out a bit.  Going out has become a bit harder but there are plenty of options that fit into our new eating plan.  I also have tried to change my way of thinking about food.  I think more before I eat and can usually talk myself out of having something like a cookie or a French fry because I know in the end it is not worth it and that I am not getting anything nutritionally from junk food. Another lesson that I have learned in these 6 weeks was to not trust the scale.  For someone trying to lose weight we always look to the scale to see what we have accomplished.  With doing CrossFit three times a week and eating better quality foods I have started building muscle.  Muscle weights more than fat and because of this the scale isn’t the only place to look for results.  I didn’t know this and was initially a little frustrated because I was working out and eating right and not seeing the results I wanted to see from my scale.    Like I said earlier I have lost about 8 lbs. but my clothes fit like I have lost 12 -15 lbs.  So I decided it was time to measure myself.  I had previously measured myself back in September a few weeks after I started CrossFit.  I have lost about 6 inches from my waist, arms, hips and thighs.  I have just about lost 1 dress size which was pretty exciting news. Last I left you I was preparing to go wedding dress shopping, something I really wasn’t looking forward to.  Well, we went this weekend and last, January 5 and 11, and I am glad to say I found my dress!  I also can say I think I enjoyed trying them on.    My dress fits great and makes me look thin.  It can also be take in, because I am definitely going to be losing more weight and inches!  With my new eating habits and knowledge I feel like I will definitely be able to meet my original goal I set of 20-30lbs before the wedding.  I am 8 lbs. down and I have about 4.5 months until wedding day.  I am hoping to lose another 1-2 dress sizes before the wedding, May 25.   My next mini goal is to lose another 6 lbs. by my birthday, February 8th.  Wish me luck! 🙂 I attached a photo of Glenn and I from New Years.  OK, that is all for now.


I will check in again soon!

April 2013

April 8, 2013 The End is near! 🙂 Sorry has been a while, things have been a little crazy.  So to catch up, I set a goal for myself to lose 6 lbs. before my birthday back in February.  I lost 4lbs, not the 6 I wanted but still great.  Overall since starting paleo I have lost 20 lbs. in 19 weeks, which I am pretty proud of.  As the weeks have gone by it has gotten much easier.  I am not going to lie and say I have never wanted a slice of pizza or a french fry, but, it has gotten easier to say no to those things and choose healthier options.   I have also officially moved back into my “skinny” clothes in my closet.  I went through my closet and donated a lot of old stuff that just doesn’t fit any longer and I will not be going back!  🙂  I bought my wedding dress at the beginning of January, and since then I have lost another 10 lbs.  I recently put it back on for the first time after buying it and it was definitely lose and needed to be taken in. I say that the end is near, meaning the wedding is close, but really I have changed my lifestyle forever.  I began this journey trying to lose some weight before my wedding and have found myself striving to be healthy for the rest of my life not just thinner for a day.  Crazy!  I have found that I even enjoy going and working out, I have even registered for 2 different 5Ks in the next month.  I can honestly say I never thought I would sign up for a run let alone 2! Between my last blog and now our gym is participating in a Whole Life Challenge (WLC).  This WLC is a competition where you earn points for eating well, working out, stretching, taking a supplement and just making healthy life choices.  The first week each participant is also measured and completes a specified workout.  On the last day we will be re-measured and complete that same workout to see how our performance improved.    This is our last week and I can say that I am excited to see how I did.  This WLC, for me, has helped to solidify the changes I have made in my life to work out more and eat better.   This WLC came at just the right time for me.  If it had come any earlier I don’t think I would have had the tools that I needed to be successful.  It was my goal when I started to finish the WLC in the top 3 at our gym.  I will keep you posted on the outcome in my next blog.  I have not only lost weight but I have definitely gained muscle.  My legs and arms are much more tone then they ever have been.  I feel so much stronger than I ever have and I have had so much more energy.  I truly feel GREAT!  I have also felt so much more confident in myself.  I believe that Crossfit pushes you to try and do things that you would normally not even attempt, Dave and Chan push us to our edge, and after we have accomplished what we thought we couldn’t we feel like we could do anything. 🙂 My initial goal for this wedding journey was to lose 20-30lbs.  As of right now I am down 20 lbs. and realistically I think I can get down another 5 before my dress fitting on April 29th.  After that I need to maintain my weight to make sure I will fit in my dress.  April 29th is 21 days away or 3 weeks.  This is my last push to the end.  Honestly even if I don’t lose another pound I am very happy with my progress.   So my last goal is to lose another 6lbs before April 29.  I know I said 5 was reasonable but I want to push myself just a bit further! 🙂 I will check back in sooner than later.  Writing all of this helps me to focus and in these last 3 weeks focus is what I need. I have attached a progress photo from my friend’s wedding on April 6th. Be back soon! Christy


April 2013 part II

April 22, 2013 T-minus 5 weeks! Eek! Well I am back from my Ocean City bachelorette weekend and felt a need to write a journal to get myself back on track. 🙂 We had a great weekend, and I tried to not get too crazy but I definitely partook in some beers and a few non-paleo treats.  I am kind of feeling a little blah so I thought I would write a blog to help me to refocus and remind myself of my goals. Well since my last blog the WLC (whole life challenge) ended.  At first I was pretty upset with myself, I am not going to lie.  I missed a point in the last week because I forgot to take my fish oil and that caused me to end the challenge in 4th place.  If I hadn’t lost that last point I would have been tied for 1st.  🙂  I was pretty mad at myself and was just looking at my score for results looking past the fact that I had eaten super healthy, worked out, and lost 10 lbs. in those 8 weeks.  Yeah, I may not have won but now I can see what life changes I have made and am pretty proud of myself and I feel awesome! The day after the WLC was over I ran my first 5K finishing in 39:08.  I am happy with my time and the fact that I never stopped, well except for traffic but jogged in place while waiting.  Glenn helped me along encouraging me the whole way! 🙂 I really enjoyed myself, which is so weird for me to say.  I use to HATE running and would never have been able to go even ½ of a mile without almost dyeing.  Crossfit has really upped my endurance and given me the confidence to attempt something that I have never done before.  Don’t get me wrong running is not and never will be something I love doing but I definitely see myself running more often.  Glenn and I have decided that we will run a 5K once a week together and get ready for a 10K by next year. 🙂 I attached a photo a friend took of us while running.  That little furry creature is Mr. Harry our golden retriever/corgi who loves to be outside with his humans.


So my wedding dress fitting is next Monday.  After this weekend I am scared to even look at the scale.  I am going to wait till a few days for things to settle down and even out after the fun filled weekend of eating and drinking too much. 🙂  So I am sure my 6 lbs. down by my dress fitting time is going to be an uphill battle.  So that means that this week I need to eat super good and get lots of good workouts in. 🙂 Well that is all for now.  I will check in again after the dress fitting. Christy



OK, so we have been married for a while now, almost 5 month actually.  I am so behind on updating everyone.   After my last blog I went for my dress fitting and it had to be taken in again! 🙂  I lost about 1.5 dress sizes, which is pretty amazing.   The few weeks before the wedding I tried as best as I could to be good about my eating but I also realized that staying 100% paleo was unrealistic.  Leading up to the wedding I was able to maintain and not gain or lose any weight which was great.  I kept up with crossfitting 3 days a week and I definitely think that helped keep me calm and helped to relieve stress.

The wedding day came and everything was perfect.  I felt so comfortable in my dress, and actually I think it could have been a bit smaller. 🙂  Everyone was right, that day came and went in what felt like seconds and the next thing I know we were off to Hawaii.

May also marked my 9th month attending Crossfit Lakas, and man, have I come a long way.  I think the best way to explain this is by sharing with you some photos.




As you can see, I have come a long way from last year. 🙂  While pulling these photos together I was amazed by the differences.  I have not seen side by side photos of myself and it is crazy how far I have come and I am excited to see what the next year will bring.

Another crazy thing has happened in the last year.  I enjoy working out.  I no longer dread getting up at 5am and going to the gym.  Most mornings I have fun and I think a major part of that is the community that Crossfit Lakas has.  We are a family, dysfunctional at times, but a family all the same.  I use to be embarrassed because was always the last to finish, and that may not have changed but now I realize that it is not about beating everyone, but about beating myself and pushing myself as far as I can.

I have also found it funny how this blog started about me trying to lost some weight before my wedding and I am now trying to be healthier and stronger.   I have also gotten my husband to join me and it is now something we do together.

So now for some before Crossfit and at Wedding day Photos! 🙂



I lost about 20lbs and a little over 2 dress sizes in about 9 months and I feel GREAT!  Glenn and I are continuing to eat well, go to Crossfit, and really just take care of ourselves.  I think we are now more conscious of how the decisions we make now will affect our lives later on.

My weight loss journey is not over I am about 2/3 way to my weigh goal which is amazing.  I have also just recently had some blood work done.  Before Crossfit my cholesterol and triglycerides were elevated.  As of a few weeks ago everything was perfect, without the aid of any meds which is pretty amazing.

I hope that this blog has inspired others to get healthy and know that anyone can Crossfit, the hardest part is getting off the sofa and walking through the door, I know this from experience. 🙂

Ok I think I am all caught up for now.  I will try not and have such a huge break in between posts again.  So now go out there and be healthy! 🙂