Bring a Friend (or Friends)!

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Let’s face it…the first unofficial rule of CrossFit is “Tell everyone you CrossFit.” Am I right?

When you joined the Box, you were probably so excited to start something new that you let everyone know what you were doing. Some people were probably pretty psyched for you. Some people probably told you that you will invariable hurt yourself, or possibly die. (You know, it’s a scientific fact that if you jump on a box, lift a weight, or go for a 400m run, it’s a death sentence…smh!) My favorite comment that I’ve heard through the grapevine was “You aren’t one of those clowns that drop weights on the floor, are you?”

See, haters gonna hate. That is, until you show them how awesome this place is!

Maybe you’ve got a pal that’s been thinking about joining. Maybe they already workout and want to switch it up for the day. Maybe you don’t like them (insert evil laugh here)…kidding.

Luckily, we’ve got a few Bring-a-Friend days coming up this week: December 18-20 and January 6-8. It’s a fun way to spend some time with your buddies doing something that is good for both of you! We’ve got some great workouts planned that are friend-friendly and are a good introduction of what we do each and every day here at CrossFit Lakás.

So, for our newest members – here’s how it works: Bring a Friend. Badass class and All Levels. Yep, that easy. No need to tell us ahead of time, there’s no FB event to sign up in. Just show up with a buddy. Even better – show up a few minutes early because they need to fill out a waiver.

OG – we look forward to seeing someone you may have brought in the past!

There is one rule, however. If you are a member and say, come 2 times a week, you can’t come a third time as a buddy. That’s being sneaky and we are on to that game 🙂

When we have friends that work out with us, it helps keep us accountable. It helps keep our friends accountable, too. We are more likely to stick to a program when we have a friend with us. I’m not saying that you don’t have friends here at CrossFit Lakás. I’m actually saying just the opposite…maybe you have friends that need you to bring them here. They need to be held accountable and you think this would be good for them.

And, let’s face it. WE know how awesome you are. We know you are strong, fast, powerful, and a force to be reckoned with.  It’s time to show that off!


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